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Using Point Clouds and Large Datasets in InfraWorks

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    Point clouds can be a wealth of information for modeling and design projects, and the large data sets of point clouds can provide amazingly detailed models when viewed in InfraWorks software. But managing these data sets and importing the point clouds can be a challenge. And then, once you have the point cloud imported, what’s next? In this session, we will show how to create a model from scratch and how to import large point clouds and data sets. We’ll demonstrate a simple but effective method to manage large collections of point clouds when bringing them into InfraWorks, and then show how to use the point clouds to extract vertical features such as transformers, poles, and street furniture. This method can be employed for a variety of items, and then the features can be styled to reflect the goals for your 3D model. We will also walk through the process of creating a storyboard and a fly-through that will impress your stakeholders and provide detailed information in a visually informative model.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import and manage large data sets, including point clouds, into InfraWorks
    • Discover how to use feature extraction to identify vertical features within an InfraWorks model
    • Learn to style and configure the extracted vertical features to highlight the most-important features of the model
    • See the process used to create a storyboard fly-through to present to stakeholders