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Using Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Docs to Bring the Distributed Team Together

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    Using Autodesk Cloud Services-BIM 360 Docs software and Collaboration for Revit cloud service-the opportunity to interact with team members located across the globe is reaching unprecedented heights. We'll explore the new possibilities provided by these 2 Autodesk services to move your project to the cloud and manage team member access, model design review, and published documents through the web interface and mobile applications. Looking at the functionality each cloud service brings to the project, we'll walk through the new project workflows and management capabilities, and discuss the best approach for migrating your next project to the cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the enhanced capabilities of Collaboration for Revit
    • Understand Collaboration for Revit workflows across a distributed team
    • Learn how to integrate BIM 360 Docs for project management
    • Learn how to adjust project workflows for cloud collaboration