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Using BIM 360 to Coordinate All Your InfraWorks Assets

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    With the recent addition of BIM 360 support to InfraWorks software, collaborating on your infrastructure projects has become both easier and much more powerful. This session will focus on the basics of the "BIM 360 to InfraWorks" workflow, including sharing your model, synchronizing, using the Large Model Viewer, and setting up permissions for the team. We'll also explore how to use the collaborative power of BIM 360 to share all of your InfraWorks assets, such as geographic information system (GIS) data sets, AutoCAD Civil 3D files, Revit files, 3D models, overlays, scripts, and other support content.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to integrate InfraWorks into a BIM 360 workflow
    • Learn how to coordinate user permissions for collaborative workflows inside and outside your organization
    • Learn how to share your InfraWorks model and all the supporting assets
    • Learn how to use the Large Model Viewer to view your InfraWorks models