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Using the Allegorithmic's Substance Procedural Texture Tool in Autodesk Applications

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    Texture creation has never been so easy or so powerful since the release of Allegorithmic's Substance for 3ds Max® and Maya®. In this class, we begin by examining the Substance Player and how it can be used to preview and manipulate your Substance textures. We also explore the vast library of pre-built shaders. We learn how to generate texture simple bitmaps, which are ideal for Autodesk applications, such as Revit-based software, AutoCAD®, InfraWorks™, and Showcase®, which do not yet support Substance shaders directly. Next, we dive into 3ds Max and Maya and explore the true power of Substance and learn how to create simple and complex shader networks for compelling materials. Finally, we wrap up by learning several optimization techniques to enhance the Substance workflow such as bitmap scaling and hardware and software rendering.

    Key Learnings

    • Generate textures for other Autodesk programs using the Substance Player
    • Add a substance texture to any 3ds Max or Maya material
    • Explain what the Substance channels are for and how they interact with your materials
    • Optimize Substance in your workflow