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Update of Esri’s Integration Work in 2020

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    Autodesk has developed integrations with Esri through products like the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS in InfraWorks software and Civil 3D software. Esri has likewise developed integration technology between various parts of the ArcGIS platform and Autodesk’s products. Come see an update of Esri’s work this year that includes significant enhancements to Esri’s ArcGIS for AutoCAD, ArcGIS desktop support for AutoCAD Civil 3D, improved Revit file support, and a new connection to BIM 360 software. This overview will provide a perspective of Esri’s work to improve interoperability between geographic information system (GIS) and design workflows delivering on the promise of the strategic partnership between these two companies.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Esri’s strategy for interoperability between Autodesk applications and the ArcGIS platform.
    • Learn how to usefully apply these strategies to improve Esri and Autodesk collaboration.
    • Discover how these integrations save time by collaborating and simplifying workflows.
    • Discover how these integration paths can apply to you.