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Unreal Collaboration in the Fourth Dimension

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    This session will focus on exploring the 4D scheduling collaboration process, from source models in Revit and Civil 3D software, to creating data-driven animations in SYNCHRO 4D and photorealistic experiences inside Unreal Engine. By bringing model and schedule together, week after week, our team has refined the models and schedule. Together, we reviewed the schedule, asked meaningful questions of it, and corrected any errors we found along the way. This class will use the case study of the Ontario Line Technical Advisory megaproject (CA $10.9 billion) and share the novel workflows that were adopted for establishing a seamless, dynamic, cloud-based connection and 3D coordination across multiple design platforms. We will demonstrate how these teams worked together to define innovative workflows for enriching transportation design models with the time dimension to perform constructability review and construction planning in interactive and immersive 4D models.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about what 4D scheduling is and how it can be applied at the design stage.
    • Learn about real-time rendering and how it can be maximized on a project.
    • Discover how model creation impacts schedule representation.
    • Understand how real time immersive experiences can be tailored with graphical user interfaces to further augment your message.