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Unlocking the World of Industrialized Construction

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    'Factory-made buildings have been the next big thing since the Romans' - so where are they? Join our talk for a glimpse at the near-future of industrialized construction, the ultimate marriage of Autodesk's Forge APIs, manufacturing, BIM and construction. Despite its promises of improvement, offsite construction has continually struggled to achieve the significant momentum it requires in order to become self sustaining. What's missing? At KOPE we've cracked one of the thorniest aspects in IC - supply chain transparency. Supplier secrecy is both a bug and a feature of the construction world. Through our Offsite Market, we've been building a free forum to democratise, open up and interconnect the world of suppliers, projects, builders and consultants. At KOPE, we're using Autodesk's Forge technology to build the online platform for the coming world of Offsite Construction. We look forward to showing you what that looks like.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how we've harnessed Autodesk's suite of Forge APIs to build a real-time configuration platform for IC systems.
    • Gain an overview of the industrial construction landscape, including its key players.
    • Understand the particular challenges of building a multi-sided B2B marketplace.
    • Appreciate the many ways in which industrialized construction will impact architecture, design and technology.