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Empowering Forge with Power BI

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    In the big data and artificial intelligence era, Saipem's new business model considers innovation an integral part of corporate culture. Having a large amount of information available, and above all being able to count on a great calculation capacity that can improve decision speed and managing complexity, is one of the principles that will make digital and big data analysis increasingly essential in the present and the future. In construction departments, talking about data means a clash with the complexity of data usability and management. This class will showcase how Forge enabled Saipem to aggregate big data from different sources (SmartPlant 3D, Tekla Structures, Oracle, Navisworks software) to analyze them (Microsoft Power BI) and to get an updated data set of information applying a full BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach. This class will describe the steps toward getting Power BI dashboard directly in Forge, approaching the system architecture necessary for this integration.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to get the Power BI dashboard in Forge.
    • Discover how Forge brings data to the center.
    • Discover how to facilitate the data analysis.
    • Discover the benefits of a datacentric dashboard accessible to everyone from any device.