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U.S.-Style Scheduled Rebars: A Concrete Tale of Design and Fabrication in Revit
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This class presents the inventive new technology RConcrete for automation of reinforced concrete design directly in Revit software. U.S.-style reinforced concrete design is a unique workflow that currently has no direct support in Revit software. In the class you will learn how you can accomplish a full U.S.-style concrete design workflow without leaving the Revit environment. Learn how you can capitalize on analysis information and Autodesk’s Code Checking Framework to drive calculation of required reinforcing per ACI 318. Harness new technologies to drive schedule-based design of reinforced concrete members according to a layout schema that you can customize to your own company standards.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the Autodesk code checking framework and identify key benefits
  • Discover how to configure customized reinforcing schemas in RConcrete
  • Discover how to increase design efficiency by automating design scheduling with RConcrete
  • Learn how you can achieve accurate quantity takeoffs in Revit based on U.S.-style concrete reinforcing schedules



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