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Transition to Operations with Building Ops: The (Eye) in BIM
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With Building Ops software, we can truly focus on the “I” in BIM (Building Information Modeling). Building Ops software brings a business value that enables the owner to reduce cost, ensure equipment continuity, and future proof investments by streamlining the owner-driven BIM process. Manually entering asset data into your integrated workplace management suite will become a thing of the past. Manual data collection has been a difficult task, wasting precious time, effort, and capital. Improving this workflow by using validated data directly from BIM will give your staff access to asset information, history, maintenance manuals, and the 3D model from before the first day of operation. With Building Ops software, you get the right asset data to your personnel when they need it, where they need it. We will show a central plant utilizing Building Ops software. This session features Building Ops and Revit. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to track maintenance data before taking ownership
  • Learn how to increase accuracy of CMMS data at turnover
  • Learn how to reduce data-entry man-hours
  • Discover how training manuals and video tutorials can be tied to assets


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