Industry Talk    CS223617
A Tinkerer's Experience Getting Off the Ground with Forge
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The potential of Forge is of great interest to a large number of technically skilled professionals who happen to be programming novices—let’s call them “tinkerers.” But what does it take for a tinkerer to get going in the Forge platform? How far can a programming novice realistically expect to get? Are there ways to jump-start and use Forge to help you learn programming? We'll we’re about to find out! Join the speaker’s journey as a tinkerer stepping into Forge with a time commitment of half a day per week for the next 6 months in an effort to up basic programming capabilities while hopefully creating a compelling proof of concept to demonstrate Forge software’s value in bringing information and 3D content together for the construction teams the speaker works with. If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines of Forge waiting for a programmer to help you out, this might be the class for you.

Key Learnings

  • See what a programming novice can do in Forge
  • Get a jumpstart guide to help you avoid setup challenges
  • Get an example project to work on
  • See and understand the usefulness of Forge




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