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There's More to the Sheet Set Manager Than the Sheet

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    In this class, we will get in-depth with the Sheet Set Manager and discuss and create sheets and sheet sets. We will learn about custom properties and how to use them to store huge amounts of reusable data. We will learn about sheet views and how to use them to make adding our design details to the plans a breeze. We will discuss how we can use the Sheet Set Manager as a lightweight project explorer to navigate all our projects’ design files. We will discuss and learn about labeling our sheets and sheet views. We will learn how to create blocks with predefined attributes that will fill in data from the sheet set automatically. We will learn how to quickly plot or publish individual or multiple sheets with minimal clicks. Lastly, we will learn how to organize our sheets with subsets or with selection sets to track additional stages in the design or construction processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the different parts of the Sheet Set Manager.
    • Learn how to create custom data fields to store reusable reference data.
    • Learn how to create a library of drawings that can be easily added and labeled on a sheet.
    • Learn how to create custom labels that reference information in other sheets or sheet sets.