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Taking BIM to the Limits for Structural Engineers and Technicians

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    Through our embedment in a team of 700-plus structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) engineers and technicians in our London office, within a worldwide company pool of over 10 times that, we have digested the core components of what a Structural Team needs to know to push the Building Information Modeling (BIM) boundaries to the next level, from embedding data to linking analysis and design models; from quantification to sustainability dashboards; from 3D rebar to Advance Steel software implementation; from Revit software templates to enhanced Revit software content; and from IFC output to model reviewing and verification. And with interoperability at the heart of it all. Arup Group Limited is one of the world's premier engineering design consultancies with over 12,000 staff in 90 countries worldwide, and this class will demonstrate our structural workflows across the globe. We will share what we’ve learned on our BIM journey, and how it is benefitting our daily creative process.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how best practice workflows can be applied to any diverse range of your projects
    • Discover how to measure your baseline in BIM adoption for your business, and then track progress
    • See just how improved your models are with well-structured data—more is definitely more
    • Reap the rewards from your improved structural efficiency