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Sustainable Construction Solutions That Reduce Time, Labor, and Cost

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    The traditional method of building walls using studs is labor and time intensive, and results in a fundamentally flawed product, with a substantial percentage of the wall being thermally and acoustically bridged. BamCore has developed a wood-bamboo hybrid panel that is structural and load bearing. It enables the firm to build walls from panels that are prefabbed to customer specifications. It eliminates 80-90% of the internal framing, along with the thermal and acoustic bridges that framing creates in traditional walls. It also reduces the need for hard-to-find job-site labor. This class will cover the design steps we use, CAD-CAM workflows, the marking of MEP locations, and our job-site app, providing a comprehensive view of our industrialized construction processes. We will also talk about the tremendous sustainability of the BamCore system, which comes both from the use of incredibly fast-growing timber bamboo and also the dramatically improved thermal envelopes that our walls provide.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how the mechanical properties of bamboo in our system result in better embodied CO2 and building performance.
    • Discover our CAD-CAM workflows and industrialized construction methods.
    • Discover how we are bringing BIM to “the masses” with the job-site app and MEPI marking solutions.
    • Discover information on the sustainability of bamboo, with data from our white paper on CO2 farming with timber bamboo.