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Suite'en It Up with ReCap

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    Static and mobile laser scanning technologies capture millions of points and provide photorealistic interactive virtual sites known as point clouds. With ReCap 2014 software, you can work with millions of points to extract vital information. ReCap provides a streamlined approach to processing and preparing reality capture data. Join Chad Studer and 2 other reality capture experts as they demonstrate the most common and advanced innovative technology-led workflows with real-world examples. We use Building Design Suite to illustrate scan-to-BIM workflows, CFD analysis, and rapid energy modeling. In Factory Design Suite, we use point clouds for interactive equipment layout in AutoCAD® Architecture software and Inventor® software and for clash detection in Navisworks® software. In Infrastructure Design Suite, we demonstrate importing a project into InfraWorks™ for conceptual site design

    Key Learnings

    • Make use of streamlined workflows that go from raw scanned data to deliverables with ReCap 2014
    • Interact with point clouds in a plant environment with Factory Design Suite for construction verification and clash detection
    • Apply scan-to-BIM workflows in Building Design Suite
    • Use point clouds for design, compelling presentations, and stakeholder approvals in Infrastructure Design Suite