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Structural Engineering BIM: Project Success Via Best Practices and Innovation

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    The steady ascent of powerful building information modeling (BIM) environments has made 3D modeling the unrivaled industry standard for building design professionals. But how do you critically evaluate whether your structural engineering team is keeping pace with industry standards? In today's rapidly evolving landscape, BIM usage for structural engineering production intersects with analysis and design, interdisciplinary coordination, documentation, construction administration, and beyond. Awareness of both current mainstream practices and emergent technologies is critically important for structural teams to remain competitive and vibrant. This class will take you inside the daily BIM workflows of an industry-leading structural engineering firm. In this session, we'll cover practical use of Revit software for structural projects, we'll explore use of innovative structural design tools that integrate with the Autodesk BIM ecosystem, and we'll examine actual case studies of successful projects using these approaches.

    Key Learnings

    • Discuss the intersection of structural engineering and modern BIM workflows.
    • Learn how to implement best practices for structural BIM from an industry-leading structural design team.
    • Learn how to evaluate innovative software tools that facilitate structural engineering in a BIM-driven design ecosystem.
    • Examine real-world case studies of structural design projects being produced with innovative design tools.