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Stingray—Workflows for Non-Game Designers

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    This class will focus on basic workflows in Stingray game engine to get your project into Stingray game engine for visualization. We will focus on what you need to do to prep your data and convert your design data to a Stingray project. You will discover the pitfalls to avoid, and you’ll get to an interactive model quickly. And we will cover basic interaction. The class will assume you have familiarity with 3ds Max software and either InfraWorks 360 software or AutoCAD Civil 3D software. Both are preferred. This session features Autodesk Stingray, 3ds Max, and InfraWorks 360. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Understand what Stingray is and how it can be used to convey design intent
    • Learn about prepping civil designs for import
    • Learn how to create animations from civil alignments and import animated vehicles to Stingray
    • Learn how to create a basic interactive viewer