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Roundtable    ES10289-R
Step Up Your Game—AutoCAD Plant 3D: Overcoming 2D Obstacles in a 3D World
Autodesk University
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In this class attendees will learn how to integrate 2D and 3D modeling within a multidimensional project. Specific focuses will include incorporating 2D line work from AutoCAD software into orthographic views within AutoCAD Plant 3D software and importing an AutoCAD Plant 3D software model into a 2D design environment. Both procedures require verbal and graphical coordination, layer control, and specific layer naming conventions to assist in the production of 2D plan views, drawing sets, and manipulation of object visibility in live section cuts. Topics will include developing solutions utilizing both forms of design, integrating various software programs and disciplines to maximize modeling performance and behavior, developing a systematic approach to integrating 2D and 3D models, and resolving conflicts that may arise. We will also cover file creation and management required for project setup. This advanced knowledge is beneficial to designers, engineers, and project managers who work on 2D/3D design projects.

Key Learnings

  • Learn best practices and approaches to integrating 2D and 3D modeling environments
  • Learn how to use Autodesk design programs to integrate 2D and 3D modeling environments
  • Learn how to implement best practices and workflows when working in 2D and 3D modeling environments
  • Discover the limitations and advantages of 2D and 3D modeling environments


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