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Standardize, Automate, Generate: Transforming Delivery for the Digital Age
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Digital transformation in the construction industry is inevitable. At Mott MacDonald, we strive to deliver in a digital way as our default across our 16,000-strong global business. Over the last 18 months, the structural engineering practice has undertaken a top-to-bottom review of our way of working, with the aim of standardizing our processes, automating our common types of design, and using generative-design approaches to deliver efficiencies. This class will explain how we set about this, highlighting the problems we have faced and the challenges we have overcome. We will cover how we have identified our common activities, how we selected our preferred software tools, and what we are doing to embed more-advanced workflows as our common way of working.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the reasons behind digital transformation
  • Learn how to evaluate different software tools for suitability
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for improvement in your own business
  • Learn about the need to manage change as well as technical skills




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