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Solve Clashes Automatically with Forge, BIM 360, and Revit Design Automation

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    Availability of BIM 360 Model Coordination software made the clash detection portion completely automatic; i.e., uploading files to a given space or a folder in BIM 360 Docs software automatically triggers cloud-based, Navisworks-like, clash-detection service. However, how to interpret those result and resolve the issues are currently completely left up to the users. In this session, we will explore possibilities to further automate some portion of analyzing clashes and suggesting possible resolution options. We approach this goal by making use of all the available Forge capabilities, combining the BIM 360 Model Coordination API to detect clashes, keeping track of issues and resolution with the Issues API to accumulate as a knowledge base, and suggesting/making possible changes to the model using Design Automations for Revit software. We will share how much we accomplished with our dream project, and how we did it.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the capabilities of the BIM 360 Model Coordination API.
    • Discover the capabilities of the Design Automation API for Revit.
    • Learn how to integrate various Forge components to automate workflow.
    • Explore possible ways to solve clash automatically.