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Sleep Well with BIM to Field—How to Prevent Cost Overruns at Assembling MEP
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Do you and your customers still have large-project cost overruns from on-site rework and changes that run beyond contingencies? With the BIM-to-Field method, construction teams can prevent cost overruns on building projects—particularly overruns caused by incorrectly assembled MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing). During this presentation based on the “BIM-to-Field Sleep Well” model, you will see how to prevent or minimize rework during the construction phase. The presenters will demonstrate how BIM 360 Field technology enables the BIM-to-Field method, and how strict application of the method on the construction site has increased the efficiency of processes and reduction of waste. Discover how you can benefit from immense cost and timesavings, with real-world project-exemplar facts and figures. Learn how with BIM-to-Field the building owner, project manager, and BIM manager sleep better with the comprehensive BIM-to-Field construction-site control capabilities. You won’t sleep through this class. This session features BIM 360 Field and Navisworks Manage. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Discover and apply the “BIM-to-Field Sleep Well” model for BIM to Field
  • Understand how the application of the model enables you to prevent cost overruns
  • Understand the rules and tactics of the model for successful usage
  • Learn about when you should initiate this approach for BIM to Field at your own building projects to save money


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