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From Schematic Design to Turnkey FM Solution with BIM 360

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    The speaker’s vision of providing a client with a complete, live, and sustainable facilities management (FM) solution was realized. Happy FM team, happy owners. Then the unthinkable happened: Autodesk changed the Document Management software. Chaos reigned! Cats and dogs living together! The speaker was in rebuild mode, and it had to be done fast. The new BIM 360 Document Management is often perceived in one of a couple of ways: complex and clumsy or more controllable and manageable. At first, the speaker saw it the first way, and was tired and worn out. Then the speaker went into rebuild mode for a weekend and came up with a leaner solution that capitalized on the new BIM 360 Docs system and BIM 360 Ops software. Come on a journey and learn to capitalize on this technology, bending the software systems to your needs—then layer in some cool new tech to make even stronger environments. We’ll look at BIM 360 Document Management, BIM 360 Ops, and the Matterport scanning system, and we’ll dip into a little Forge programming along the way.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to utilize BIM 360 Document Management from a different perspective
    • Learn how to scan spaces at various existing conditions and construction phases into your FM
    • Learn how to connect asset data across discipline models and into operations and maintenance via BIM 360 Ops
    • Learn how to strengthen and extend client relationships, as well as create new relationships in AEC