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Scan to BIM to Field: Increased Productivity with Point Clouds in the Cloud

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    Why model as-built conditions when you can work directly with a high-resolution point cloud? In this very hands-on class we will stake out the foundations for a new addition to our Autodesk University (AU) classroom using a remarkably easy, cloud-enabled workflow. First, participants will import a point cloud of our AU classroom into Navisworks Manage software. We will then use Point Layout software to place points on a number of modeled objects that we intend to stake out as part of a small classroom renovation. The model will be shared with the field using BIM 360 Glue cloud service. Finally, we will connect the BIM 360 Layout iPad application to a robotic total station to enable field users to stake out and verify the exact position of the points. All of this will happen using a contextual model of our surroundings.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import point cloud scans into Navisworks
    • Learn how to place points in the model using Point Layout
    • Learn how to upload and share the model and points with the Field Team using BIM 360 Glue
    • Learn how to layout and verify points in the field using the BIM 360 Layout iPad application connected to a robotic total station