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Scan to BIM: Complex Geometry Extraction from Point-Cloud Data

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    Capturing 3D geometry of existing buildings is an active area in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry—used to collect records, aid in maintenance, and plan for future designs. This is accomplished by inferring geometry from point-cloud data, often captured by LiDAR scanner. Complex geometry—such as arches, wires, decorative features, and irregular shapes—are challenging to model from point-cloud data when relying on traditional methods such as AutoCAD software or Revit software; this leads to time-consuming modeling with low accuracy. This class will cover how to properly do complex geometry extraction to overcome these challenges using ReCap software, 3ds Max software, 123D, and Geomagic Design X. We’ll explore the workflow from the context of three case studies: modeling a rotunda theatre, capturing wire runs, and modeling excessive decorative features on a castle facade.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the means and methods modeling of complex geometry from LiDAR scans
    • Learn about the pros and cons for different mesh-creation software
    • Learn how to perform effective delegation of modeling tasks
    • Learn how to conduct efficient QC for large-scale 3D models