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Robot Structural Analysis and Dynamo and ASCE7 Wind Load, Oh My!

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    In an attempt to win my colleagues over to the Robot Structural Analysis software as a company standard, I ran into what seemed like an insurmountable wall: Robot Structural Analysis software doesn't generate 3D ASCE 7 wind loads! This class will walk you through the process I developed to utilize the amazing Dynamo program to grab element geometry, ask a few questions, and create ASCE 7-10 wind load combinations in Robot Structural Analysis software in an attempt to convince my bosses that Robot Structural Analysis software (React Structures platform) and Dynamo are the way of the future. This session features Robot Structural Analysis, Dynamo Studio, and Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop a Dynamo graph to aid with wind design
    • Learn how to get Dynamo and Robot Structural Analysis to communicate
    • Learn some scripting to get extra functionality out of Dynamo
    • Discover the endless possibilities of a collaboration between Dynamo, Robot Structural Analysis, and Revit