Industry Talk    CI124915
Automated Design and Production for Linear Schemes Using AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, and Dynamo
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A linear structure is related to and controlled by a 3D alignment. This class will cover case studies of some typical design elements (such as gabion walls and tunnel cross passages) that may need to be incorporated to deliver the scheme design. We discuss the problems that Atkins has had to overcome, and the various approaches chosen to achieve the goal of programming rule-based algorithmic geometry selection and placement, from guide lines for the linear structures, in response to iterative design alterations. Atkins has developed a solution for automated linear structure design and drafting. This futuristic digital engineering approach delivers significant design efficiency, and it reinforces Atkins' leading status in the field of digital engineering. This class will share the processes adopted for the solution using AutoCAD Civil 3D software, Revit software, and Dynamo software. Come and be inspired by how Atkins works cheaper, faster, and smarter while further enhancing the quality of deliverables.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the benefits of using Dynamo in linear structure design
  • Discover the process of defining the business logic needed for Dynamo design rules
  • Spot opportunities for the application of a rapid prototyping environment to solve a design problem
  • Learn how to rapidly visualize the impact of design decisions and options



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