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Code Blocks Not Required—Dynamo for the Rest of Us
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If you use Revit software every day as your primary production tool, you may often run into tedious tasks that you wish you could accomplish more quickly and efficiently. Have you heard that the Dynamo extension can help? But what if you’re not a programmer? Far too many tutorials start by dragging nodes and then end up writing code. If you’ve been frustrated trying to learn Dynamo because it seems all you ever see are code blocks, do not fear—this class uses NO code blocks. We will explore some very practical things you can do to automate your Revit software workflow, all with existing nodes. I repeat, there are no code blocks in this session. Just nodes and wires (and some logic). So, if you want to get a solid introduction to Dynamo for Revit software and come away with some practical examples that you can do back in the office without learning a ton of code, this is the class for you! This session features Revit, Dynamo, and Revit Architecture.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use Dynamo to input parameters in custom Revit families
  • Learn how to apply sequential numbering to model elements
  • Learn how to export Revit data to Excel, manipulate it, and write it back to Revit
  • Learn how to manage sheets and views in a Revit project



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