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Revit Master Class: Building Terrific Real-World Door Families

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    Doors are some of the toughest families to create effectively on the Revit software platform. With all of the moving parts, data requirements, and end-user demands, building out a comprehensive door library is always a challenge, even for the best Revit family modelers. In this class we take a thorough step-by-step approach to building a series of door components and combining them into assemblies for use in design, documentation, and construction administration. By focusing on these 3 use cases, we explore how to capitalize on all of the tools in the Family Editor to create doors that are easy for the end user to use, look terrific in rendering and animations, and document themselves efficiently in tags, schedules, and reports.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to efficiently build real-world door components in the Family Editor
    • Discover the secrets to hosting components to various references for excellent animation and visualization results
    • Learn how to combine components into assemblies that are flexible and information rich
    • Learn how to capitalize on family, shared, and project parameters to report door components in tags, schedules, and reports