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Revit Fabrication Parts: Getting Past Service Setup

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    When switching to Revit software using MEP Fabrication Parts, one of the first hurdles you need to cross is understanding how to get services and service templates configured in MEP Fabrication Parts. Many companies are making the transition to MEP Fabrication Parts from AutoCAD and Revit system family routing workflows. Knowing how to navigate the services in MEP Fabrication Parts is key. You will be surprised by how little customization is required to get a basic service to function correctly in Revit. Many of the settings that Fabrication CADmep software and Fabrication ESTmep software require are not necessarily required when using these services in Revit. We will cover how to deal with issues of connectivity and routing while in Revit and what changes to the database will improve routing and product selection.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how different routing methods in Revit use the service differently
    • Learn how to quickly create a service from scratch and begin routing
    • Learn how customizing parts can speed product selection
    • Learn simple button mapping to optimize design-to-fabrication conversions