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Revit to BIM 360 Ops—Exporting Asset and Location Data for Facilities Management

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    How can you make your Revit asset and location data usable for your owner? Help your building owner realize the value of your efforts to keep the model up to date during design and construction. Empower the facilities team to begin operating and maintaining the building from day one. We’ll demonstrate how to prepare your Revit model for handover in BIM 360 Ops software. See best practices for using Revit element types, categories, and parameters for each asset, and learn how these properties transfer to BIM 360 Ops. Learn the workflow to set up and export room locations with the BIM 360 Ops Revit add-in. See how to transform a Revit file with IMDF into an indoor map for use in BIM 360 Ops with Apple Indoor Positioning System to show technicians and vendors a path to their assigned ticket or a nearby asset, track mobile assets with iBeacons, and view a list of new tickets as a heat map on a floor plan for better triaging.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to prepare a Revit model for export to BIM 360 Ops
    • Identify FM assets and learn how to add key properties to the elements for tracking
    • Learn how to publish rooms to use as locations in BIM 360 Ops
    • Learn how to transform a Revit file with IMDF to create an Indoor Map for use in BIM 360 Ops with the Apple Indoor Positioning System