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Reducing Decision-Making Time with a Forge-Based BIM Dashboard: The Saipem Experience
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Saipem is a large, international turnkey contractor in the oil and gas industry. One of the main problems the firm faced was the complex communication between projects’ stakeholders and the need for harmonizing data independently by the software used. In the past years, several initiatives were implemented to overcome these limitations trying to save time and facilitate the decision-making process, but no efficient solution was found. With the Forge platform the game is changing! A “data-centered BIM (Building Information Modeling) dashboard” has been implemented to aggregate data coming from different sources (SmartPlant Foundation, Oracle, Navisworks, and so on) and present them in the model context. During this session, we will present the benefits of the implemented solution, where BIM has been introduced in traditional workflows, with particular emphasis on how the new tool helps Saipem managers, and discipline leads make quicker decisions, improving project delivery quality, while cloud technology provides access from any device.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how to integrate data coming from different data sources and couple them to the model geometry
  • Understand how Forge brings data to the center
  • Learn the importance of providing BIM data on the web in an easy-to-consume format to a wider audience
  • Learn the importance of providing BIM data on the web, and in an easy-to-consume format, to a wider audience



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