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RebarCAD 3D: A BIM Tool for 3D Rebar Detailing and Revision Management in Revit

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    Sticking to the core aspects of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology, RebarCAD 3D helps with modeling rebar in the Revit models. RebarCAD 3D provides an excellent and comprehensive set of tools to perform the crucial task of placing and detailing reinforcement in a Revit model—and manage the revisions—staying true to the BIM philosophy. We will demonstrate an efficient workflow to start with a structural model, create design reinforcement, mark up the model with design intent, and end with a detailed rebar model, placement drawings, rebar schedules, and production output files from RebarCAD 3D. We will also demonstrate the revision management in rebar schedule and automated rebar modeling using CADS Rebar Extension.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to prepare rebar intent markup from design results, and model the design reinforcement.
    • Learn how to automate rebar modeling using CADS Rebar Extensions, and enhance the rebar model to a practical 3D reinforcement model.
    • Learn how to produce 2D placement drawings from the 3D model, and how to prepare Bar List on drawing and Bar List Excel export.
    • Learn how to manage rebar revisions, and prepare production output files for automated rebar fabrication.