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Rebar Detailing of Seismic Wall-Based Buildings Using Revit API and ETABS

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    In seismic regions, everyday structural engineers have to deal with rigorous and time-consuming rebar detailing to comply with code requirements for seismic design and local rebar detailing standards. Historically, this task was done in 2D detailing software like AutoCAD software, but today the industry is based on the BIM (Building Information Modeling) environment, and it's necessary to create rebar elements inside the Revit model. This class will show you how this approach was accomplished, continuing with a class presented at Autodesk University 2017-“BLD124825-Automatic Rebar Detailing of Wall-Based Buildings Using Dynamo and ETABS.” At that time, development was done in Dynamo, but to reach the desired productivity, the solution was migrated 100% to the Revit API. The goal of this class is to share the experience of the process, along with the stream of decisions related to geometry analysis and simplifications on rebar detailing with different local practice industry and seismic design standards.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to do translation from Dynamo scripts into Revit API
    • Learn about geometry and information manipulation for rebar creation with Revit API
    • Learn about integrating ETABS results into intelligent models
    • Learn how to identify productivity improvements through coding based on Revit API