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Rebar, an Automated Workflow from Modeling Through Fabrication and Field
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The rebar fabrication industry has seen great progress in streamlining the rebar supply chain, from rebar estimating through detailing, fabrication, and installation. We can attribute much of this progress to the software that rebar detailers and fabricators use, and to the integration of that software with the fabrication hardware. Still, there's an opportunity for the industry to improve how the rebar design is transformed into the product installed on-site. Attendees will learn how to export 3D rebar detailed in Revit Structure Suite software to a leading rebar MIS (management information system) software product: Applied Systems Associates (aSa). This process will drive fabrication processes in the shop and field. We'll cover many topics, including effective practices for detailing rebar for fabrication, organizing rebar releases in Revit software, exporting data to aSa, and distributing 3D rebar data along the supply chain.

Key Learnings

  • Understand current workflow challenges in the rebar supply chain
  • Learn how to easily capture and manage a rebar release from your Revit model
  • Witness how a release is imported into the aSa Production System and how it flows seamlessly through rebar fabrication
  • Understand how rebar data can help drive efficiencies and quality in the field




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