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ReCap Pro—What's New and Advanced Topics

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    The first part of this session will demonstrate the latest developments in ReCap Pro software, focusing on features released since last year (2018 product year). Topics will include attaching Navisworks projects for visualization in RealView, video export, navigation improvements, and collection and processing of scans collected with ReCap Pro for mobile. We will cover new features and workflows in depth and with real-world project data. The second part of the session will cover advanced workflow and how-to topics pulled from our community forum and idea station. Examples may include mesh generation, point cleanup, registration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and handheld data, editing, measurement, visualization modes, regions, and view states.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the new features and existing capabilities of ReCap Pro
    • Learn how to visualize CAD models in photorealistic contexts
    • Learn how to create animations and fly-through movies using ReCap Pro
    • Learn how to become a more efficient and capable user of ReCap Pro