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From Preliminary Design Through Fabrication with Autodesk® Building Design Suite and Autodesk® 360

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    This class is designed for CAD managers, structural engineers, and designers who struggle with finding out the best workflow in their company for designing building structures from preliminary phase to fabrication. Find out how the leading products in the Autodesk Building Design Suite fit into your current company workflow and design process. Learn how to use Autodesk® Revit® software as your main CAD platform and how to integrate and simulate your model with Autodesk® Robot® Structural Analysis software, using advanced techniques for analytical models. See how Revit can add more value in making fabrication drawings. This class will also emphasize the importance of Autodesk 360 applications and services in your design process: save time with preliminary analysis of your model and visualize and share your intelligent models using the cloud. We will wrap up by presenting i-Theses® applications: extensions for Revit and integration of an intelligent model into i-Theses® FloorOffice to make fabrication drawings of precast floors.

    Key Learnings

    • Save time using the Autodesk 360 methods and cloud computing
    • Produce high-quality production drawings of your building models
    • Describe an optimal workflow for your design process using the products in Building Design Suite
    • Handle the analytical model in Revit and simulate your model in Robot Structural Analysis