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Precast Concrete Shop Drawings and Fabrication with Revit: Process, Content, and Strategy
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This class will focus on how to create precast (PC) shop drawings and fabrication models within Revit software. Fabrication will be carried out using drawings, data created, and data extracted from live model elements. As such, a very high level of detail and efficient data management is critical to the success of a PC project. Additionally, since rework and changes to the model can be destructive to the quality and efficiency of modeling, we’ll discuss project workflows that minimize these risks. We’ll show the general framework of the fabrication model, including the use of Revit parts and assemblies. We’ll discuss strategies for intelligent family creation of connection families that will facilitate the erection and piece drawing creation processes. We’ll also discuss how we can extract data to support the production, delivery, and erection processes. Finally, we’ll demonstrate the use of third-party tools by PTAC, AGACAD, and Graitec that can be used to enhance model authoring.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use Revit parts, assemblies, and structural framing tools to create precast concrete shop drawings and fabrication models
  • Learn about family creation strategies for connections and other common precast elements for use in a precast concrete model
  • Learn workflow strategies to ensure success on precast concrete projects
  • Learn about third-party tools that can facilitate the creation of precast concrete shop drawings and fabrication models



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