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The Power of Reality Capture and AI Benchmarking for Improved Project Delivery

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    Will Plato, VDC manager at Hensel Phelps, will introduce and discuss his innovative use of construction technologies and the co-development of reality capture, computer vision, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Hensel Phelps has partnered with HoloBuilder to further develop their 360-degree photo-documentation platform and solve immediate needs on projects throughout the Southwest region. Mr. Plato’s presentation will outline how Hensel Phelps has used technology to secure ROI and gain a competitive advantage; show how to successfully involve key members of the team in software development projects; and demonstrate the next-generation AI reality analytics tools that Hensel Phelps is piloting with HoloBuilder. After an initial MVP dashboard, analytics based on computer vision and machine learning were added to supplement the HoloBuilder projects. Comparing project progress ratios has helped Mr. Plato and his team apply learnings from one project to the next, and help Hensel Phelps become an even better builder.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the concept and value of reality capture
    • Learn how to integrate 360-degree photo documentation into your workflow
    • Learn how to reduce the amount of time spent documenting project progress
    • Learn how best practices can be communicated and shared across projects