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Parametrics in Design and the Project Execution

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    Architects, designers, engineers, and contractors speak regularly of the importance of collaboration-but do we really know what collaboration is and which software we can use to collaborate? In the world of distributed workplaces and distributed software programs, and with personnel spread across the country and sometimes further, how can you keep the process intact? How can you keep people regularly accountable and informed when work is being performed around the clock on multiple platforms and in multiple languages? File sharing options such as BIM 360 software and Collaboration for Revit cloud service are exceedingly valuable tools, but it's more critical to identify who is doing what, and who shares with you-and when. The days of the "file-sharing funnel" are behind us. This class will cover design and management evolution, parametric exploration of multiple scenarios, and optimal engineering solutions to fabricate and construct a very complicated facility in a year's time-all with a radio frequency interference (RFI) count of less than 250!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the new era of process-oriented project execution
    • Learn what to model, what not to model, and by who and when
    • Learn what roles the architect and engineer really play, and why going above and beyond our normal protocols will make your roles easier in construction and lead to the product you expect to be built
    • Discover why the “Team” is more than just the design team or the construction team