Hands-on Lab    AS323516-L
Parametric Modeling of Vaults for Notre Dame in Revit
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In this class, you’ll create an adaptive parametric Revit family that represents one of the types of crossed vaults used in the ground-floor ceiling of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France. This class is a result of Alfredo Medina’s collaboration in Andrew Milburn’s initiative about creating a Revit model of Notre-Dame, a work motivated by the love of using Revit software as a "BIM pencil" (Mr. Milburn’s words) to study historical buildings. Mr. Milburn started the model in April 2019, soon after the fire. Using BIM 360 Design software and a BIM 360 Document Management hub, several enthusiasts from different continents have collaborated in this project. One of the tasks that Alfredo Medina volunteered to do is the group of vaults in semicircular array at the end of the nave. This class is a step-by-step, hands-on lab to show you how to make one of these types of vaults and insert it multiple times in different orientations in the layout of ceiling vaults.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use adaptive points
  • Learn how to use reference points
  • Learn how to create reference lines from hosted points
  • Learn how to create surfaces from reference lines



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