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Paneling with Intent to Fabricate

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    How should a design surface be expressed through panels? How can the architect ensure that a facade-design intent is honored all the way through to fabrication? Learn from Building Information Modeling (BIM)-oriented and computational strategies used by Safdie Architects in the context of Revit software and the Dynamo extension. Examples are chosen from the recently completed Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Project Jewel at Changi Airport (now under construction). For design surfaces that are flat, simply curved, or optimized for myriad constraints, learn how to control panel families and types in Revit software using Dynamo. We will cover methods for laying out panels, managing edge conditions, and embedding panel elements with rich data for downstream consumption. We will share how we have used computational techniques in Revit software to cut out concerns for cost and risk to fabricators by providing well-studied, straightforward design documentation. This session features Revit and Dynamo Studio.

    Key Learnings

    • Compare native Revit tools and Dynamo techniques for panelizing a facade
    • Address a variety of design constraints and edge conditions for paneling
    • Learn how to control multiple Revit family types and instances with Dynamo according to conditions
    • See examples of how BIM data and computation have enabled complex projects to be realized