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The Owner’s and Corporate Employee’s Pathway to BIM with Existing Buildings and Sites
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This class will show the pathway that the largest Boeing commercial airplane plant has taken to implement BIM (Building Information Modeling) with existing buildings. This class goes beyond having a champion and high-level sponsor; it enables a transition with as many or as few buildings as fits the comfort level and budget. Everyone has probably heard how much BIM can save in the construction effort. Our goal is the next 50-plus years that we use a building. This class will show what benefits we see and will realize as we get more of our plant documented in BIM. It will also show how to minimize training and IT expenses and still have the appropriate number of trained employees with the right tools.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about the pathway to BIM in the corporate environment where change to BIM is being postponed year after year.
  • Discover the value of BIM with existing buildings.
  • Learn how it can help with visibility in planning, virtual factory-flow planning and tracking, capital and expense funding requests, error and alarm visibility for management, logistics planning and tracking, and more.
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