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No Pain All Gain: Revit 2014 Automatic Energy Analytical Model Creation and Analysis

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    Energy analysis has typically been a complex and time-consuming endeavor. At its foundation lies an Energy Analytical Model (EAM) and while advances in BIM have made significant gains in collaboration and productivity, EAM creation is still largely a skilled manual effort and subject to wide variability in BIM and energy analysis practices. A new feature in Revit 2014 Energy Analysis software that uses architectural building elements now greatly simplifies and standardizes EAM creation and subsequent analysis. This class provides background on what an EAM actually is, current industry practices and standards, and a comprehensive walkthrough of numerous worked examples directly in Revit 2014 to highlight how this new feature actually translates different architectural building elements and configurations into a high quality EAM, all without having to add, rebuild, or do any other bespoke model preparation, thereby helping you to deliver higher performing buildings more cost effectively and with greater confidence.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain what exactly an Energy Analytical Model (EAM) is and the different ways and means they can be created.
    • Describe how the new Energy Analysis feature, which uses building elements, works in Revit 2014.
    • Show how accurate the resulting EAMs can be and how they compare to typical industry tools and practices.
    • Describe how the EAM can be analyzed by Autodesk Green Building Studio in the cloud in a fraction of the usual time and effort.