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The Next-Level BIM Electrical: Embedded Analysis Using Revit API

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    For a while, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) disciplines in general, and electrical in particular, have been somewhat behind architecture and structure disciplines when it comes to utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities; hence, electrical engineers usually used BIM software as a drafting tool while keeping the same old calculation sheets and process. The purpose of this class is to give a detailed approach on how electrical analysis and workflow can be embedded successfully in BIM software, to motivate MEP and electrical engineers to take the design process to the next levels—not just by the integration between analysis software, but by preparing a full workflow. The lecture will describe embedding electrical analysis using Revit software, Revit API, and simple database; following electrical design tasks such as feeder sizing and protection sizing; explaining how Revit is used as the main tool and central platform for the electrical design process; and also making the electrical and MEP engineers think of the next level.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use the Revit API for electrical analysis
    • Learn how to use a simple database to store basic information such as cables data
    • Learn how to save and migrate calculation settings among different models
    • Learn to do all of the above in an integrated workflow