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The Next Big Thing: Impactful Developments in the Future of Visualization
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As the 3D architectural visualization industry approaches almost 25 years, we can look back with amazement at the many developments in technology and workflow that have contributed to the rapid growth of the field, both creatively and technologically. Although recent years have seen only more incremental change, recent developments in AR, virtual reality, graphics processing unit, real time, cloud, and smart cities, to name just a few, have positioned us on the cusp of potentially major advances that could impact the future of the industry. Panelists will speak about what they believe to be the next big things to impact the future of the architectural visualization industry. Panelists will include Paul Doherty (the digit group, inc.) a leading expert in smart cities and visualization; Jorge Barrero (M. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates, Inc.), senior associate; Carlos Cristerna, visualization director at Neoscape, Inc.; and moderator Jeff Mottle, CEO of CGarchitect.com.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about new technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, real time, cloud, GPU and the impact they have on the future of visualization
  • Learn about the role of visualization artists in the field and how their positions might change in the future
  • Learn about current design and visualization pipelines and what advances need to happen to sync with future design processes
  • Learn about new opportunities for visualization artists and studios that may come out of new developments in technology




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