Pre-conference Session    CCS323901
Navigating the Project of Doom with Indiana Jones
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Cultists, taskmasters, and bugs in your hair. Who knew there were so many parallels between a Temple of Doom and a construction trailer? In this class, we’ll take a chilling look at the perils of communication breakdowns between the field and the office, and what would have happened to Indiana and Willie Scott had they implemented some best practices in field-to-office communication. Hear from the industry about how implementing effective communication strategies can give you better visualization when you’re in the thick of it. Discover how a plane crash over the Himalayas can help you clearly define roles, responsibilities, and communication expectations; how a foul-tasting brainwashing elixir drunk from a skull can help you create champions in the field that can influence your entire organization for good; and how empowering your crews with the right leadership and direction can help your firm punch out problems before they rip your heart out.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to identify and use communication breakdowns to arm your team with resources they need to send good data back to the office
  • Learn how to estimate and track project progress in real time, without having to micromanage
  • Learn how to minimize delays, accidents, and project setbacks by anticipating potential problems
  • Learn how to recognize different skill sets and utilize the unique capabilities of each



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