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Navigating Fabrication BIM Content with Power BI

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    Come and discover the easy way to visually audit your fabrication database without opening a single file. This class will be an introduction to Microsoft Power BI and how it can be used for fabrication content managers. Power BI is a business intelligence software that can aggregate and visualize data from hundreds of different sources and formats to let creators view and share their content like never before. By the end of this class, you’ll understand the steps that you need to create a live, interactive, and shareable dashboard to make your content auditing more efficient at your workplace.

    Key Learnings

    • Begin to understand how to use Power BI to integrate your data within Fabrication software
    • Learn about Power Query functions and how they can assist with integrating different data structures
    • Explore your existing fabrication databases with a visual yet informative method
    • Learn how to create more Power BI dashboards to help understand your organizations data