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Models are Great, But Industry 4.0 Needs a Map to Achieve Operational Excellence

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    There is no better industry sector for achieving operational excellence than downstream oil and gas (refining and chemicals). The myriad of operational challenges these plants face—such as the sheer number of workers, the hazards of the processes, and the high operational costs—makes this industry an ideal test bed for tech innovation. Although many of AutoCAD software’s solutions are perfectly optimized for the construction and design phase of a project in these industries, the challenge in industry is how do owners and operators utilize these complex models, data, and information in the real world? Through this training, the presenter will share what Environmental Intellect (Ei) is doing to merge the construction phase of the project with the operations phase of owner-operator handoff, and how we’re capitalizing on advanced technologies to deliver truly virtual operations for forward-thinking customers in heavy industries.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the challenges and differences between the construction and operations phase of a project
    • Learn how to tie your design and construction work into the greater picture of what Industry 4.0 needs, turning your models into maps
    • Learn about having productive conversations with people throughout the plant about the needs they have and the challenges they face
    • Understand the solutions that exist for industrial mapping