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Modeling Pressure Pipe Within Civil 3D: How to Coordinate Piping Runs Using BIM 360

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    Civil 3D Pressure Pipe is not a topic covered in many books or online tutorials. It assumes a basic understanding of piping, but in order to fully utilize all the intricacies of the software, you need to dive in and explore. This class will help novice users avoid pitfalls the speaker experienced when first using the program. We’ll also highlight many shortcuts you can use to help speed your model creation. We’ll then explain how our group was able to coordinate other outside sources’ piping, electrical, and/or public utility models with our pressure pipe models within BIM 360 software utilizing the Desktop Connector to find clashes and quickly deliver a final design to a client within very short deadlines. We were able to quickly create a site design for electrical conduits, storm, sanitary, and chilled water, within two months.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a 3D model using pressure pipe with Civil 3D and various types of materials
    • Learn how to modify your 3D model based on revisions to your design
    • Learn how to collaborate with desktop connector and BIM 360, in a Civil 3D software environment
    • Learn how to create a sheet set of your finished design for delivery to a client or municipality