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Model-centered Bridge Design: Combine Inventor, Revit, and InfraWorks in Real Projects

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    This class will cover how a model-centric workflow can enhance design and detailing for bridge structures. We will examine multiple Autodesk software products including Inventor, Revit, and Infraworks in this process and how they can be used collectively to improve workflows. We will demonstrate how geometry and parametric components generated in Inventor can be sent to Revit for reinforcement by showing how this was implemented in several actual bridge projects. Also, we will explore how recent functionality enhancements in Infraworks and Revit and the interoperability with analysis programs such as Robot Structural Analysis make this process more viable and comprehensive than ever before. Benefits and advantages of the workflow will be discussed, as well as best practices for overcoming some of the current software limitations. This class is designed to help get you started in model-centric workflows by giving multiple examples of how it can be implemented in real bridge projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how bridge design workflows can be improved with a model-centered approach
    • Learn how to use Inventor as a platform to generate bridge geometry and parametric components
    • Learn how to export concrete elements into Revit and reinforce using rebar tools
    • Learn how to integrate additional tools such as InfraWorks and Robot Structural Analysis Professional to enhance the process